1 序言

1.1欢迎 Welcome


Thankyou for purchasing ShenzhenHan’s Scanner S&T Co., Ltd. 10mm input beam aperture scan head. If you are using this product for thefirst time, please read this manual carefully before installation. (hereinafterreferred to as scan head)

1.2公司简介 Company Profile

Shenzhen Han's Scanner S&T Co., Ltd. is a whollyowned subsidiary of the listed Company Han's Laser Technology Industry GroupCo., Ltd.(stock name: Han's Laser, stock code:002008). It is a high-tech enterprise that integrates technology research,development, production and sales.

Since Shenzhen Han's Scanner S&T Co., Ltd.established in 2017, we have beencommitted to the development, promotion and application of galvanometerproducts, and we also provide professional galvanometer scanning solutions forour customers. We have gained the support and trust of our customers and arethe leader of galvanometer scanners in China.

l 产品 Product


Han'sScanner has professional R&D Team on machinery, software, optics, electronics, process testing, etc. We have obtained a number of Utility model and inventionpatents, besides R&D standard galvanometer products we also provideprofessional galvanometer system scanning solution for our clients. We now haveseries products ofPhotoelectric digital galvanometer system, Grating digital galvanometer system,voice motor and HASHUmarking system, etc. Han'sScanner is the pioneer of pipelined production for galvanometer products, the annual output of galvanometer scanning system is upto 30,000 sets. Our scan heads and system solutionshave been successfully applied to the mobile 3C industry, food packaging,tobacco industry and medical technology, etc.

l 质量 Quality


Han'sScanner strictly check theincoming materials, processing process, complete machine and delivery of thefinalized products to ensure the performance and quality of the products.

l 信念 company philosophy


Leading, Fasting, Serving, Sharing

Strive to realize the historical mission of "powerful nation,equipping world".

2 振镜的基本信息

2.1简介Brief introduction


This manual is a part of product and is a safe operating guide forthe 10mm scan head. Please read this instruction manual carefully beforeinstallation and operation. Any questions please contact Shenzhen Han’s ScannerS&T Co., Ltd. Please keep this manual, as it is the proof that provides after-sale service and maintenance.Shenzhen Han’s Scanner S&T Co., Ltd. has the right to update or modify thismanual without further notice to users.

2.2产品说明 Product Description

该使用说明书以光斑直径为10mm,激光波长为1064nm为例介绍说明。对于光斑直径为10mm, 激光波长为532nm355nm10.6um的系列产品使用,请参考本操作使用说明书内容,不同之处不再说明,请注意镜片和激光器的差异性,以保证产品的安全使用。咨询详细内容请按说明书中联系方式来电咨询。

This manual takes 10mm input beam aperture, 1064nm laser wavelength as an example to explain. For the use ofproducts with 10mm input beam aperture, laser wavelength of 532nm, 355nm 10.6um, please refer to thisoperation instruction. The difference between different laser wavelengths will not beexplained, please pay attention to the difference between the lens and thelasers, to ensurethe safe use of the product. For details, please contact us according to thecontact information in the manual.

2.3物品清单List of items

标配件 Standard accessories::

Ø  扫描头Scan head

Ø  使用说明书User's Guide

可选件 Optional

Ø F-ThetaF-Theta lens

Ø  控制卡和打标软件 Control card and marking software

Ø  控制卡和方头间的连接电缆 Connection cable between control card and scan head




Ø  易碎纸损坏

Ø  光学元件损坏

Ø  非深圳市大族思特科技有限公司人员进行维修造成的损坏

Ø  非深圳市大族思特科技有限公司人员改动本产品造成的损坏

Ø  由于用户不正确使用或者操作不当而引起产品损坏

Ø  用户使用不正确的激光功率或者由于用户不正当的调整而引起的损坏

Ø  不正确触摸或者拭擦导致镜片的损坏

Ø  由以上原因引起的循环损坏

Before shipment, the products have been strictly inspected to ensurethat the products purchased by customers have no defects in processing ormaterials. The warrantyis valid for 12 months.

Warranty service is only valid under normal use. For the followingconditions, Shenzhen Han's Scanner S&T CO., Ltd. has no obligation torepair:

Ø Fragile paper broken by the user

Ø Optical components damaged by theuser

Ø Damage caused by non-Shenzhen Han's Scanner S&T CO., Ltd. repair by the user

Ø Damage caused by non-Shenzhen Han's Scanner S&T CO., Ltd. modify by the user

Ø Damage caused by improper use or improper operation by the user

Ø Damage caused by using incorrect laser power or improper adjustmentsby the user

Ø Damage caused by incorrect touch or wipe the lens by the user

Ø Cyclic damage caused by the above reasons

2.5制造商 Manufacturer



电话:0755-23041055 邮箱:hansscanner@hanslaser.com


Shenzhen Han's ScannerS&T CO., Ltd.

Address: 4F Building No.4,Han's Laser Industry Park, No.128 Chongqing Street, Fuyong, Bao'an District,Shenzhen City, Guang Dong, China.

Tel: 0755-23041055

Email: hansscanner@hanslaser.com

Web: www.hansscanner.com

3 产品的功能简介

3.1扫描头 Scan Head



The scan head can deflectthe laser beam in X and Y directions. This will create a two-dimensional planararea where the laser beam can be focused anywhere on this two-dimensionalplane. This two-dimensional plane area is the marking range.

Laser beam deflection isachieved by two scanning galvanometer mirrors. The scan head has two holes, onefor light input and another for light output. The laser beam enters the scanhead from the input hole, and emit out from the output hole after deflected, asshown in Figure 1. The light hole is either open, or fitted with f-theta lensor a protective window.

1入光孔 Light inputhole

2带镜片的扫描振镜 Galvanometer scanner with mirrors

3出光孔Light output hole

4标刻范围 Marking Range

3.2 F-Theta F-Theta Lens


The F-Theta Lens isdesigned specifically for two-axis scan heads. It canfocus the laser beam to any point within the marking range, and it alsocompensates for the inherent barrel distortion that exists in the 2-axisscanning system. As shown in Figure 2. Other distortions need to be correctedand compensated by the drive of scan head.


偏转镜片引起的变形        F-Theta镜引起的变形                                         偏转镜片与F-Theta镜共同引起的变形

3.3接口定义Interface definition

扫描头通过DB25母头与控制卡连接。所有信号兼容XY2-100标准协议。DB头引脚的定义如图3所示。The scan head is connected to the control card via the DB25 femalehead. All signals are compatible with the XY2-100 standard protocol. Thedefinition of the DB head pin is shownin Figure 3



说明 Explanation




Clock Signal-/Clock Signal




Synchronization signal-/Synchronization signal




X galvanometer signal-/X galvanometer signal




Y galvanometer signal-/Y galvanometer signal



备用 Spare



振镜+15V电源 Galvanometer +15V power supply



振镜地 Galvanometer



振镜-15V电源 Galvanometer -15V power supply


4 产品的安全指南


Please read this operating manual carefullybefore installing and operating scan head. If you have any questions or doubts,please contact Shenzhen Han's Scanner S&T CO., Ltd.

4.1 操作安全 Safety Operation


Ø  在装配和操作扫描头时不要直视激光束或者它的偏射光,并让身体远离激光束不要和激光接触

Ø  当扫描头和光学器件一起使用的时候偏离的辐射光对人的损害将会增加

Ø  检查扫描头之前必须关闭激光和扫描头电源

Ø  激光束经过的通道必须密封掩盖住以防止激光向外辐射

Ø  在扫描头运行的时候禁止触摸镜片阻碍镜片的运动。当扫描头运行时,确保镜片不会被碰到

Ø  遵循激光安全操作规则

Ø  保护镜片不受灰尘、潮湿、和腐蚀性气体破坏

Ø  触摸镜片的时候要戴棉质手套

Ø  清洁镜片只能用特定的擦镜纸

Ø  扫描头必须远离强磁场,以避免强磁场损坏电子元件

Ø  激光光束对眼睛和皮肤有严重的伤害,请务必使用防护眼镜

In order to reduce the possibility ofdanger, please follow the instructions below:

Ø Do not look directly into the laser beam or its polarized light whenassembling and operating the scan head, and keep your body away from the laser beam. Do not touch the laser

Ø When the scan head is used with the optical device, the damage tothe person caused by the deviated radiation will increase

Ø Please turn off the power of laser and scan head before checking scan head

Ø The passage through which the laser beam passes must be hermeticallysealed to prevent laser radiation

Ø Do not touch the mirror while the scan head is running. While thescan head is running, make sure the mirrors willnot be touched

Ø Follow laser safety rules

Ø Protect mirrors fromdust, moisture, and corrosive gases

Ø Wear cotton gloves when touching mirrors

Ø Use specific mirrors paperto clean the mirrors

Ø Keep the scan head away from strong magnetic fields to avoid damageto the electronic components

Ø The laser beam has serious damage to eyes and skin, please useprotective glasses.

4.2 使用安全 SafetyUse


Ø  此扫描头镜片是经过优化设计的,仅仅在激光光束直径为10mm的设备上使用。假如激光输入光束直径大于10mm,则会引起扫描头的损坏,.

Ø  可以使用的激光波长为1064nm

Ø  激光功率密度极限:连续波:500W/CM2,脉冲:100MW/ CM2 (50ns脉宽)

Ø  激光能量低于250W。如果激光能量高于250W,请与深圳市大族思特科技有限公司联系

Ø  确定镜片能满足您的使用要求。如果有任何问题,请与深圳市大族思特科技有限公司联系

Ø  所提供的转接环,仅仅适用于市面上较为通用的场镜。如您使用较为特殊的场镜,请与深圳市大族思特科技有限公司联系

Ø  扫描头的最大打标范围与场镜有关

Ø  不要直视激光或者它的偏离光,并让身体尽量远离激光束

The Scan head is used to reflect the laser beam. The wavelengthoutput from the laser must meet the design of this scan head, the laser beamdiameter and power should not exceed the limit of this scan head. Users shouldfollow the below requirements to provide the scan head with the appropriateinput signal and power supply.

Ø The mirror in the scan head is optimized to use only on device with10mm laser beam. It will cause damage to the scan head if the input beam isgreater than 10mm.

Ø The laser wavelength can be used is 1064nm

Ø Laser power density limit: Continuous Wave: 500W/CM2, Pulse: 100MW/CM2 (50ns pulse width).

Ø The laser power should less than 250W. If you want to use with higher laser power, please contact Shenzhen Han's Scanner S&T CO., Ltd.

Ø Make sure the mirrors meet yourusage requirements. Any questions, pleasecontact Shenzhen Han's Scanner S&T CO., Ltd.

Ø The adapter ring provided is only applicable to the general fieldlens on the market. If you are using a special field lens, please contact Shenzhen Han's Scanner S&TCO., Ltd.

Ø The maximum marking range of the scan head is related to the fieldlens.

Ø Do not look directly into the laser or its deviation light and keep your body away from the laser beam.